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    GracefulDabbingLion6576 / Aug 21 2021 16.40

    my mum has recently been hitting punching and kicking me ive told some people i trust and shes deneyed everything im not sure what to do anymore as i have to barricade my door shut when km at home to feel safe or runaway when things are really bad

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    PowerfulRunningBee9126 / Aug 28 2021 22.48

    you are very brave for speaking up about what has been happening to you. i am aware of the fact that you said that you have already talked about this to adults you trust, but have you tried talking to adults such as teachers? because if not it would be a good Idea to as they can get you a social worker who will take steps to keep you safe.

    Also, her denying that she abused you is a form of emotional abuse called gaslighting. this is when the abuser tries to manipulate the victim into questioning whether the abuse really happened or if it was as bad as they think it is. this can make you question your own rationality and stay quiet. it is important to recognise this an not let it affect your steps to get help.

    You mentioned having to barricade your door shut and run away when things are past a certain point. if it is like this, then you should call 999. your safety is very important. after calling 999, police should be sent to your house and they may take you into protective custody until they can find you a safer place to stay for example a friends house.

    It may help to call or text a counsellor on childline. they can provide emotional support when you are upset and will listen to you without judgement. if you are worried it may help to play a game or visit childlines calm zone. being hurt is never your fault and there is a lot of support and people willing to help you.

    My heart goes out to you, it is very unfair that this happened to you.



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