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    DazzlingJoggingSwan3043 / Aug 18 2021 22.31

    Hey, i‘m Megs, i dont know whats wrong with me but i always seem to feel different like i’m bigger than everyone else but dont know why. I’m a really fussy person and will only eat like certain foods and nothing new is allowed whatsoever and i just dont know why.I seem to regret every single thing I eat right after i eat it anf feel so guilty after eating big portions. One thing that scares me the most is scales and i tefuse to stand on one ever since i got a letter from primary saying i was overweight and i have bever had the right mindset since. i do baton dancing and my mum says aslong as i do an activity ill be okay, buy i dosent feel that way. Alot of my friends are naturally skinny or whatever you say but i look like the odd one out. When in school i gave up taking lunches because of the limated variety i would actually eat and just drink water which lasted me the whole day but i just cant seen to find any soloution to my problem and the way i look as everyone i look at is skinny while im not but also why i cannot open up to food vatietys.


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