Some days are harder than others.

  1. Childline Avatar
    Alexandra23248 / Aug 16 2021 21.02

    Some days are harder than others.

    One day you wake up, and you’re happy to say good morning to the sun,

    Happy to be alive, no matter what has been done.

    The next, you struggle to sit up, wishing to be gone again,

    To float away into the endless abyss, away from your brain.

    One day you wake up, you have hope,

    The next, you’re slipping down a slippery slope.

    Things can change fast. With the snap of a finger,

    Everything can change, and that feeling tends to linger.

  2. Loser
    Joyful123 / Aug 18 2021 12.25

    Wow!!! I love this poem. I can relate a lot. I hope you are feeling okay.

    Stay safe,



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