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    AmazingSkatingRhino9665 / Aug 16 2021 19.46

    my mum took away all my gadgets and my sister left for university 4 hours away and she never gives me anything to play with she doesnt let me play outside because the kids always start a fight with me every single day then i told my mum i will start smoking because lots of people my age vape and smoke especially my friends were 12 i know its young but they still do it i told my mum i will do it if she doesnt let me have my ipad back and she took me home and beat me up i have bruises my dad never hits me but today they beat me up and threw a hard sppoon at my head and shes threatening she will kill me and leave me for people to rape and hurt me

  2. Butterfly
    Powerfuldancingdonkey / Aug 20 2021 21.11

    omg i am so sorry that happened to you, you definitely need to reach out for support! maybe phone childline or the police as child abusement is not ok! maybe talk to a teacher

    hope you are ok !

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    PowerfulRunningBee9126 / Aug 29 2021 1.45

    what your mum and dad did was physical abuse and is not your fault.

    throwing a hard spoon at your head is extremely dangerous. not only that, but she is threatening to kill you- this is something that requires immediate measures. please contact authorities-

    your safety is really important.

    your parents are currently not suitable to serve as a caregiver for you if this is the behaviour that takes place.

    authorities can take you to a safer place such as a group home or a friends house.

    You can also get a social worker who can help keep you safe by checking on you annually and discussing your feelings.

    It can also help to talk to a counsellor on childline- this can help to lift off your shoulders. bottling up your emotions can make you feel worse.

    You can also find ways to engage your mind such as playing games as this can help to distract you if things ever get really tough.




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