I’m obsessing with the way I look and I can’t stop

  1. Spiralling
    UniqueJoggingDuck7793 / Aug 15 2021 10.50

    hi im millie/emilia

    im really striggling with my body image and i have for the past few years. this is going to be a bit if a rant bc i dont really have anyone to talk to.

    im a healthy weight and have no health issues so i should be happy but im not. i cant get that into my head. i really want to be skinny but no matterbhiw hard i try i cant. there isnt one day that goes by that i dont think about the way i look. i want to be like all my friends. I iften have negative feelings (im not going to post them bc they could be triggering to some people) i feel like im failing. i dont want to go back to school in september (i love school btw) bc w have to wear shirts and tuck them in. every time i sit down or look in a mirror i look at my stomach and see horrible thing i am. I breathe in even when im on my own because i hate myself. i need help but i dont want to bother anyone with my pathetic problems. it really stresses me out and i really want to change but i cant. idk if im going to keep this up or take it down. :/

  2. Childline Avatar
    sunflowerray2000 / Aug 24 2021 19.07

    Hi Millie! I’m Paige, I suffer with body image issues just like you do. Some days I’d rather sit in a dark room than go outside because I feel ashamed of how I look... then I remember all my body does for me. Her gorgeous legs carry me across the beautiful earth to where I need to go, my open heart allows me to breathe and care for others. My tummy breaks down all the nutrients I need to keep my body happy. I remember that my body is so good to me and that it deserves nothing but love in return for that. It is beautiful, and I know straight away that your body is too <3 we’ve got this


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