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    SplendidDabbingFox4935 / Aug 15 2021 0.15

    im 14 and ive been smoking since i was 12 at first i did it cos i came home from school all stressted out and smoking helped me calm down but know i just find myself saying ima quit after this box but then buy a box after i got a vape to try help me but its not working at all im going to the dentist in a few weeks and they will probaly tell my mam ive been smoking ive got a really stricked mam and she would go of it if she found out

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    lemonade88 / Sep 04 2021 17.05

    Hi there. I understand that you're worried about people finding out you smoke, as the legal age to smoke is 18 in the UK. But this doesn't mean anyone should be angry at you because at the end of the day, it is still an addiction, and the priority should be helping you through it so you can stop. Would you mind telling me how you get the things you smoke?

    I don't know if you've already been to the dentist or not, but if you have, I hope things went okay for you. I'm not too sure how confidentiality works with dentists to be totally honest with you. I know at my dentist anyone under the age of 16 can't go into their appointments without an adult, so I'm not sure if that's the same with yours.

    If you can go into the appointment on your own, you could ask them not to tell your mum about it, but they may have to for your safety and out of concern.

    The key thing here is that you get the right support, you mention smoking being a way for you to de-stress and calm down, those issues should be addressed to help you quit.

    You can make an appointment with your GP, who will be able to help you quit smoking, and they have confidentiality policies. Unless you or someone else is in immediate danger, or unless you ask them to, they can keep what you tell them between you and them.

    Hope that's helped, take care.


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