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    pinkiepie193 / Aug 14 2021 10.14

    Hi I am 10years Old and I am scared to start my Period because Whatif it happens at schooI I am to scared to talk about it

    face to face and I dont have a Phone to text my mum about it so What should I do?!!

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    CautiousWorkingRaven9171 / Aug 14 2021 12.06

    well you could write her a letter and get yourself a period kit. this should have some pads, a spare pair of knickers and a hand warmer or painkillers if you want them

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    ShinyHopingZebra5223 / Aug 18 2021 21.02

    Hi! I'm 10 too and my period started five months ago.

    Once it happened at school, at the end of June.

    I went to the toilet in class and when I cleaned up, it came out pink. I was like in my brain 'Probably nothing.'

    I told my friends (who were girls). I went again at lunch, and it came out as that brown mucus when periods start.

    I went back to my friends, who were sitting in the lunch lounge. Boys were around so I just said, "I think it's happening. I don't have a 'thing'!"

    One of my friends went back to our block with me and from her bag, retrieved a pad. I went to put it on in the bathroom.

    But...what if your friends don't have one? Ask the teacher! She's sure to have a secret stash in the cupboard like in my old class!

    Thanks, Bella


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