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    BisexualBliss-AceAllie / Aug 07 2021 21.10

    childline really helped me today, i was feeling a little bad about myself but they really helped.

    I am a 12 yr old genderfluid girl, any questions about me and my history (within reason) i will definitely answer them. Also I am bi and ace. If you are questioning or wonder what any lgbt labels are, feel free to ask!

    I have dealt with grief, unfortunately, three times. If you are dealig with it right now, ask for tips, or if you just want to talk to get your mind of it. Any questions ask.

    Siblings getting to you. i totally get it, i have two older siblings, my brother used to use sarcasm as humor, still does but not as bad, and it would make me cry. i got really mad at him for it, but now we are friends again, hope that happens for you too.

    Bullying, i have been bullied 3 times, my life seems to suck but im happy dw, it took awhile to build my confidence back up but i am back and better than EVER!! Took therapy for me, but if you need to talk on here, im your new therapist y'all!

    Autism, im trying to get tested for autism. I have a few signs:

    • hates loud noises

    • likes soft textures

    • patterns are appealing

    • does ✌🏻 in arkward situations

    • finishes peoples sentences

    Please if you have any advice please help, im struggling alot with this.

    Any other advice or questions, please write down.

    Luv y'all,

    E x


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