1. Childline Avatar
    Temporary91929355 / Aug 06 2021 17.06

    Hi I'm 13 and i often take drugs and drink alot , i dont know why and i dont know what to do

  2. Sheep
    ProudDiggingSwan6764 / Aug 10 2021 0.46

    Hey, it’s good your getting help about this. I'm 15 btws. You're brain hasn't fully developed yet and your still pretty young so drugs and alcohol are defos not good for you. You can try to avoid drugs and alcohol, if any adult is supplying you with these things its not your fault and the adult is at fault. You could tell your parents or an adult. If you told them that you want to quit and get help they probably wouldn’t get mad but want to help. I hope your ok and you get through this xx

  3. Bursting
    angelthequeen33 / Sep 11 2021 7.25

    hi i would recommend going to the doctors as they can prescribe u with something to drink to get u off it

    hope this helps



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