Frustrated at ASD Assessment Waiting Lists

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    violethyacinthh / Aug 04 2021 12.25


    I'm 13 years old and I have been told by my therapist to get an assessment for ASD. Unfortunately, the ASD assessment center she told us to go to is closed for assessments because of an 'unprecedented surge of people applying for an assessment'. The other option would be to go onto a 4+ year waiting list, which needless to say, wouldn't be the best option. So I'm kind of stuck. It's just really, really frustrating.

  2. Artist
    MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / Aug 30 2021 1.25

    Hey!! I’m the same here!! I’m getting so impatient I’m about to become a karen lol (-v-) we can be impatient together, if you’d like?

    Oh, I’m Alice/Chester and I’m 11! Nearly 12! That’s cool


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