Going Back To Football Matches

  1. Fixer
    TheLonelyGirlXOX / Jul 27 2021 12.39

    Hey guys,

    I've started going back to football matches. I wear my mask just to be safe. I am glad to be back, because I love supporting my team, but my anxiety goes crazy when I'm out in public. I'm an Aston Villa Fan, and we get sold out every game, so I'm literally squashed between people, which doesn't help my claustrophobia.

    - Taylor xx

  2. Contemplator
    Thefastestsnailever / Sep 05 2021 11.01

    Hi Taylor

    I can relate being around lots of people especially at a football match gives me sooo much anxiety.

    If you anxiety gets too much you can always go to the toilets for a break from it all ( I do that)

    Rly how this helps

    I am here if you want to talk

    Evie xx


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