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    Angel-05- / Jul 27 2021 3.07

    Normally when I come onto childline, I am presented with a warm and welcoming environment where I can chatter to my hearts content and feel heard whilst also getting some great advice. Due to my autism, I work better at night time and I can talk for longer and go into more detail, so I came up with this great idea that I wasn't going to talk in the day time, instead I was going to save up my energy and have a really long and detailed conversation with childline at night time. When I finally got through to a councellor after over an hour in the queue, they were really mean and made me feel intimidated and unsafe :( they hadn't read my notes, so they kept doing things that trigger me like they gave me a time limit which makes me feel pressured and they kept asking really indirect questions that made me confused. Up until now, I have loved childline. I would really appreciate it if you maybe spoke to your councellors a bit more before employing them so no mean ones get through, and make sure the night time sessions are equal to the day time sessions so all us night owls feel just as safe and heard. Thank you!


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