Being a trans boy and small (Height)

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    ArtisticBakingPuma1914 / Jul 23 2021 21.04

    For more than half a year I have been trying to be more and more like a boy,

    Its working, Im growing a small moustache, boy hair and boy clothes, I just have one problem that makes me feel horrible about myself... Height.

    Its a horrible feeling knowing that theres pretty much no way to get taller. Im 13 and 4"11, I drink milk which I heard helps but nothings working. I cant get vitamins or medicine because of my parents.. I just need something, a tip, i dont know. I heard that in basketball some boys are extremely tall and I searched it up, the internet said that jumping helps growth? I think. So I think I'm going to work out a little more and play basketball. If you have any other useful tips please let me know. Id appreciate everything.


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