How to get a diagnosis

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    FamousJumpingGoose4438 / Jul 19 2021 20.37

    Hi, I thinck I have ADHD and dylesxia but I dont know how to get a diganosis I hvae been disagnosed with autism but i had to get my mums help with taht and i dont want to ask her or i gess i just dont konw how my dad seays that he wil get me a diyslecxsia test but he sayd that aboout 3 muonths ago and stlil hasnt duone anyighing and i dont want to soound like im just mayking ecscuses for my weeird beehavyour if aneeone has any ideeas please help.

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    GoldenRetrieverPuppy / Jul 20 2021 20.52

    Maybe speak to somebody at school, like a SENCO, pastoral or learning support person. That's what I did (I think I'm autistic) and I'm now being assessed. It's a good idea to write a list of the reasons why you think you have ADHD and dyslexia, so you're prepared.

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    FamousJumpingGoose4438 / Sep 03 2021 21.47

    Hi thanks for the advise I tried asking my dad to email in about the dyslexic thing but the school wont give me a test because they dont think im right. I am now nervous about the whole adhd thing although my councellour and 3 other freinds have all told me I have it.


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