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    ArtisticActingKoala5214 / Jul 17 2021 9.53

    i need someone to tell me if i can move out of care when im 16.

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    AlertTalkingFox2351 / Aug 17 2021 16.53

    Hey, I live in residential care and I`m being moved into another residential home until I`m 18. It all depends on why you went into care and if your parents are fit enough and are parented enough to look after their children again. At that age, you can move out into semi-independence or independent living if you aren`t going back to your parents. Also, it depends if you are in a residential or foster placement. I`m here if you need anything x

  3. Scientist
    littlealien / Sep 26 2021 17.24

    Hi Yes you can legally move out of your foster home when you are 16 so long as you have somewhere else to go. Or you might be able to go into supported accommodation/lodgings which is what im in at the moment ( I'm 16) where you are still with a family but you are more independent and do everything for yourself.

    PS I live in Scotland so the rules might be different if you live elsewhere

    Hope this helps

    M xxx


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