Questions about going into foster care

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    littlealien / Jul 07 2021 18.00

    Hi, I am probably going to be put into foster care soon because I am staying with a family friend (kinship care) at the moment but they don't want to look after me anymore and they said I have to leave and are kicking me out in a month, so my social worker is trying to find a foster family for me to stay with. I have some questions for anyone who is in foster care.

    Do you get put somewhere near where you live and your school or is it far away?

    What are you allowed to bring with you?

    Do they treat you like part of the family or are they mean to you?

    Are you still allowed to see your siblings even if they don't live with you?

    Do you get moved around a lot or do you mostly stay with one family?

    Thanks a lot



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