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    MistyLookingDuck5708 / Jul 06 2021 17.53

    I am a young carer to my single mother and my brother who has downsymdrone. I feel like my mum puts too much pressure on me and I end up doing a log of stuff to help out. It is very furstrating as if has meant that i haven’t been able to do some things like residentsls that are more than like three days and going to other people’s houses. My mum dosen’t like inviting my friends over to my house too. My brother also “accidently” hurts me too and is constantly pushing and pulling me by my ear and won’t stop. Does anyone else have a similar experience as a young carer?

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    CloudyWorkingJaguar6288 / Jul 13 2021 23.10

    hey hun, i am a young carer to my 11 year old sister who has autism, (im 15). i totally understand what you mean, sometimes the chores feel endless, it can be really tough to try and juggle social life, school work and caring. ive found that telling my school has really helped, for example some of my subjects dont set me homework, or i have more time to do it which is helpful. ive also been given priority places in things such as breakfast club and afterschool clubs it means that i get time to do things to help my well being without the pressure of everything at home. i cant relate as much concerning the residentials but i cant have friends round due to my sister having violent outbursts as i have lost friends before due to this. it can be really tough and its alot for a child to have to deal with but your strong and you got this!


    Allie xx


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