1. Athlete
    Minimalism / Jul 04 2021 18.58

    I have recently gone into care and this is my forst foster placement since Febuary, so a few months in and the Carers are being verbally mean and its starting to be a daily thing now. Ive spoje to my social worker and she visited (i live hours away from home, Court Verdict was supposed to be in june now its next Jan) and they just denied all claims and its been a hell hole since, can anyone else relate or give advice

  2. Demolishing
    itwillgetbetterluv / Jul 21 2021 7.55

    To be completely honest I can't relate seen as I'm not in care but thinking about it. All I can say is speak up for yourself, question them on why they think it's acceptable for them to talk to you any kind of way and lastly if you feel like their about to say something just turn and go elsewhere in your home (your room) before they can say anything and sooner or later they will get the message that this child isn't tolerating this nonsense



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