I think I may be a young carer

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    Reign216 / Jul 04 2021 9.36

    Hi, I'm Reign.

    My mum works a lot as a carer for elderly people so when's she's not at home I'm the parent to my 3 brothers. I have to cook, clean, take my brothers to school and pick them up and i have to tell them off constantly because they are always fighting. Its exhausting. My mum relys on me to look after them while she works because she's a single mum but as much as I'm her daughter and I'm obligated to help her. I hate doing it and I want to be a normal 16 year old teenager without the responsibility of 3 young boys. I am not their mother but I'm made to feel like it. I have been doing this for 2 years and i don't want to do it anymore. I know she has a job and she has to work to get money but she also has another Job. BEING A MOTHER. That is not my Job. Why do I have to do it all the time?

    and the other thing is, she's off work for the first weekend in a while and she’s tired and wants to rest. But WHAT ABOUT ME! I need a rest too. I need a break. I just want to run away from home. I can’t take it anymore.


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