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  1. Childline Avatar
    Galaxyhan / Jul 02 2021 22.57

    Hi im parents don't abuse me or anything. They are nice but every now then we do have an argument me and my mum but then she does apologise but it just affects me and then expects me talk to her. She says things to me that aren't helpful when ive been struggling with a lot of things. Like depression, anxiety, and been running away to quite a few times and struggle with suicidal thoughts etc.

    So i know im also affecting my parents and feel sometimes they might need a break but i want w break from them as they just get on my nerves and i get irritated easily.. Don't know if its linked to my feelings etc but not sure.

    I want to move out so i can be on my own away from getting annoyed to make me feel worse and to try and cope and rest or something.

    I feel like a complete stupid person saying this as i know there are people out there who need to go places more but i do have a social worker anyway and she asked me Wednesday a question if i was happy living at home or if i wanted to live with other young people i said i dont know then she said have a think about it as she maybe be able to help.

    Id only want to go for a few months or weeks until i feel ready with myself and not get annoyed. Not sure if this would be possible. I spoke to my social worker today and asked a few questions about where i would go and would be this supported accommodation with other young people. But i know this place is in my town and other young people do drugs and alcohol etc and heard its not a nice place and heard my mum say ages ago its not a nice place as my friends brother is there.

    told my social worker about this& has offered me & has spoken to her manager & that if i wanted to i could & she thinks it would be ok. i am speaking next week to her any advice would help thanks x

  2. Spiralling
    I-dont-exist / Oct 11 2021 19.04


    I don't know if I'm too late but if i were you I'd have a few more conversations with your social worker to find what's right for you. if you aren't comfortable or you aren't feeling safe ect at home then it might be for the best for you to have a break from them.

    i hope you're ok

    -A 🙂


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