School bullies

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    SplendidWalkingDeer5976 / Jun 26 2021 0.50

    Yo uhh I nearly cried AGAIN-


    I remember one time some kid at school called me a fat cow and I think I am fat so Thanks! (kid with and old mans name)

    So how many times did you cry today?

    about 4- ,yes I know I‘m a weak cry baby don’t rub it in,


    1. dunno what happened but I didn’t hear a question in the quiz our class did and now I think I’m just dumb at hearing- Oh wow I’m gonna cry again

    2.No idea-

    3.No idea either

    4.Fat cow incident

    5.writing about how horrible I think I am to people (look, sound and what I do)

  2. Nose dive
    GenderFluidCheese / Sep 24 2021 16.32

    I am so sorry for you. I am currently going through bullying (i think) and its horrible. I want it to stop because it makes me really anxious and scared because even though they sont physically hurt me, they annoy me loads. they hate my guts for no reason at all. I didnt want to cry either, but I did at lunch unfortunately


how i feel

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