How do i stop dad smoking

  1. Tech
    GeometricalEnergy / Jun 22 2021 15.43

    how do i stop my dad smoking because smoking is bad please help

  2. Childline Avatar
    AmazingDrawingFalcon3940 / Sep 16 2021 23.34

    I found out my dads been smoking too. today. its 11.32 i have school tmr but i cant sleep. ive been crying for i dont wven know how lin. school is stressful. i know he oromised me he‘d nevervr smoke again but thats ob iously not true CUS WHYYY WOULD ANYINE BELIEVE THE YOUNGEST CHILD. I DONT KNOW ANYTHING DO I. i felt disGUSTED ripping them up and getting them nasty things in my hands, and i hid the lighter and his phone.


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