Dance injury

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  1. Childline Avatar
    Ballerina800 / Jun 16 2021 12.13

    i have injured my knees and they are really painful when i dance. i have dnaced for 11 years and i dont think i can live without it . i need some advice becaue im worried i will relapsed with SH, etc. if i have to stop

  2. Winner
    gymnasy1111 / Jun 20 2021 11.12

    ask your docter and rest for a while so they will get better so you can dance again

  3. Winner
    Tobythefriendlyguy / Aug 14 2021 9.43

    The best thing to do if not done already is go to see a doctor about your injury and make sure its nothing serious. However your health is very important and by continuing dancing with that injury could make it worse.


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