1. Childline Avatar
    LilymayScOR / Jun 09 2021 21.18

    hi iam fat in the thighs iam starving myself and doing loads of training to loose waight i have not told enyone i get bullied at school what should i do

  2. Bursting
    Chalote1234 / Jun 09 2021 22.22

    hi i thinks you should tell someone maybe a teacher if not maybe your family or if you cant do that maybe tell childline and will help and supports you its will be fine try not to worried im here if you need a talk :)

    im here

  3. Graduate
    TheCastleOfCamelot / Jun 14 2021 18.56

    Hi there

    I’m sorry you ahve to go through this. Please don’t starve yourself. There are three of different body types, everyone has a different one. If you are really worried, then please talk to soemone, your oarents, a teacher, ChildLine.

    I’m akways here if you need someone to talk to

    Stay Strong

  4. Childline Avatar
    ProudWorkingPanda8538 / Aug 23 2021 23.09

    Hey, Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes as a fellow "fat" person I have been bullied previously due to this but SO WHAT if someone is fat that's not a bad thing! In my opinion at least , if you don't feel comfterble in your awesome body you can loose weight if that's really what you desire but I can tell you right now starving yourself is no way to do it please discontinue this dangerous act and continue training insteadit will help Good luck, Shania


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