Just those special little things

  1. Childline Avatar
    PoliteWorkingGoat2552 / May 30 2021 17.35

    i just wanted to make a list of ✨those✨ things in life. feel free to add more things if you want.

    the smell of fresh bread

    the smell of rain

    that adorable noise cats make when you stroke them by surprise

    the view from the top of a hill

    looking at fire

    finishing an essay and actually being proud of it

    finally drinking cold water after a lot of running

    waking up tired and realising you can have several more hours of sleep

    the smell of coffee

    the smell of a library/books

    when a cat decides to sit on your lap

    that first bite of your favourite meal

  2. Lion
    DisneyFan2008 / May 31 2021 11.54

    When someone texts back almost immediately

    The smell of cocoa powder

    When you finish all your homework and now you can do whatever you want

    When it's raining and you're in bed and you're listening to it

    When a cat nuzzles into you for attention

    Waking up and realising it's the first day or half term so you don't have to go to school today

  3. Lion
    BennyWithAWhy / Jun 01 2021 9.28

    Finishing a drawing and it looks quite good

    Giving money to charity knowing you've helped somebody

    Going back to school after a weekend/holiday

    Telling a joke and people laugh

    People complimenting you about things you might be insecure about

  4. Childline Avatar
    PoliteWorkingGoat2552 / Jun 01 2021 14.06

    stepping into a cold house on a really hot day

    getting into bed and falling asleep immediately

    when you randomely smile at a stranger and they smile back

    finally being able to watch the next episode of your tv show

    when someone sends a text just because they want to talk to you

  5. Bursting
    ElsietheCat / Jun 10 2021 17.27

    Cats in general (I have an obsession with them)

    Smell of cut grass

    Clean bedsheets

    Being inside when it's raining and hearing the rain fall

  6. Childline Avatar
    CuriousTalkingRaven6544 / Jun 20 2021 20.59


    Rain in bed

    Rain With the fire on inside.

    Rain on the window pane

    Going to sleep.

  7. Outcast
    27ItzSomebody27 / Jun 20 2021 23.33

    - The warmth of fresh printed paper

    - the scent of soap

    - the smoothness and cleaness of a new rubber

    - a warm glass of milk

    - a warm bubble bath

    - the feeling of cozy blankets

    - the delicous smell when you walk into a café

    - that feeling when all worries and troubles are gone forever

    - the fresh clean laundry

    - opening a brand new jotter

    - when your puppy or kitten jumps onto your lap and takes a nap >w<

    - having a sweet dream and waking up feeling relaxed

    - seeing the people you love again

    - doing something for someone and knowing you’ve made them feel happy :)

    - when you say something that makes your loved one smile ^u^

    - that feeling when you feel like your free

    - finishing an exam feeling great for real :D

    - being able to stay connected and find help and support during Bad days - like on Childline - and being able to share stories, experiences and have fun with people no matter how far we all are from each other - and feeling safe ^o^/

    - from Someone UwU

  8. Fixer
    MusicalCatchingShark3594 / Jul 02 2021 20.30

    chubby animals (they r my life source)

    when its dark and rainy on a school break and you can just sit and listen to it

    hugging your friends

    laughing at someones texts trying to stay quiet

    being complimented out of nowhere

  9. Superstar
    HamiltonCrazy123 / Jul 07 2021 10.21

    actually laughing when u text lol

  10. Childline Avatar
    CloudyVibingAlpaca4338 / Jul 14 2021 11.13

    When a chicken decides not to peck you when you cuddle them - Just me?

  11. Prisoner
    Pelicany / Jul 19 2021 22.06

    giggling fits

    buds in spring

    morning dew

    perfect sunrises

    waking up perfectly on time

    a surprisingly good book

    hot chocolate in winter

    fizzy lemonade

    rain drops on roses

    whiskers on kittens

how i feel

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