My Mum doesn't care what is going on in my life.

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    WarmWalkingSeal6182 / May 10 2021 21.03

    Hi I was just wondering if I could get some guidance to my situation. I have struggled a lot over lockdown socially, and since my mum got a new job, have had several mental breakdowns and have been experiencing blacking and passing out, more than i ever had, all of which I had had to deal with on my own. I do get that my situation is much better than others, and there are those who have had drastic changes to their lives, I just dont know how to deal with this one:

    So, in september, start of school, my mum got a new job, at my old primary school. My brother currently attends to this school. I got that it would mean that my mum wouldn't be around as much, fine, but ever since, when I get home from school, she weighs me down with the problems she faced, without even thinking about my situation. Starting school was hard for me, as almost all of my good friends had been put into a different form to me, and i and my friend were placed with two girls who only like to glare, judge and torment. I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone but my friend about this, in which our bond strengthened, with her facing problems at home too. This wasn't how I felt before mum started the job, in which she hates, hence her blabbering. Now, since the start of school, my friend and I have made another friend, who is much better of a character than I thought she were, so now I have another good frend. We have our laghs, but since they both complan about the tiniest of problems, like, 'mum totally forgot to give my soup today I don't know if I can share my problems with them, like, not being as fortunate financially in society, or how my dad sometimes hits my brother and yells at my mum. I feel like I have to constantly fend for myself and I don't want to tell anyone else in case i seem like my mum.

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    WarmWalkingSeal6182 / May 10 2021 21.21

    PS: My mum does not know of my feelings because i do not feel brave enough to speak out - my parents will just laugh at me, then look me up and down and be hipocritical and say they will 'do something about it' then completely ignore it.


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