Songs that cheer you up

  1. Top dog
    GoldenRetrieverPuppy / May 06 2021 20.44

    Hi everyone,

    This is a thread about songs that cheer you up. Which songs do you like? My sister likes LaLa by Rosie Mclelland (I'm not quite sure if that's spelt correctly). Which songs cheer you up?

  2. Childline Avatar
    SaraTheAnimeFan / May 09 2021 21.52

    For me I listen to upbeat nightcore songs or music to things I used to watch when I was littler e.g: Wreck-It-Ralph Sugar Crush credits song and When Can I See You Again? Credits song

    If you ever had a phase of somgs you likes two or three years ago then It might be nice for you to go back to It again (๑╹ω╹๑ )

  3. Dreamer
    Childlinesavedme / May 11 2021 2.08

    songs that cheer me up are disney songs the just are usually cheerful and happy and light

  4. Spiralling
    aplainoldboy1234976 / May 22 2021 20.47

    I listen to electronic music

  5. Childline Avatar
    Bobdinonugget / Jun 30 2021 20.38

    i usally listen to someone called powfu or rxseboy they have some sad songs and happy songs


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