Do I have a disability?

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    IssyWizzy19 / Apr 24 2021 17.43

    I have a terrible memory. I forget and lose literally everything but my friend always finds it for me luckily. I also can’t think straight and I constantly get distracted. I am also very figity and I am constantly figiting with everything. I am currently trying to write an english essay for homework and in the last 20 mins I have wrote half a sentence. This peice if homework was meant to take me 20 mins and I am nowhere near finished. None that ik takes as long as me. I also can’t remember what I am meant to do and I go to do something and forget and stumble around aimlessly. I also can’t remember what just happened. I went to an art class this morning and when I got home half an hour earlier, I had forgotten almost everything that I did when my parents ask. Is it possible that I could have a dissability?

    p.s I am 12 years old

  2. Artist
    MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / Jul 26 2021 1.28

    You could have an attention disorder or amnesia. I would still get checked.

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    IssyWizzy19 / Jul 30 2021 18.30


  4. Coolcat
    RonCatWeasley / Sep 01 2021 18.06

    you could have adhd,add,asd


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