I have little freedom

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    Temporary36662396 / Mar 30 2021 0.12

    I have parents who don't let me do much even though I clever enough to know what I am doing. I'm 16. I should be allowed to do things like answering the door, making decisions for what I could do etc. This is overly frustrating and unfair. I need independence for happienss and to know how take care of myself. My parents would often say they would teach me or allow me to do this but then nothing happens and I try to do it now rather than later they jsut get angry at me, yelling, namecalling and what not.


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    RoyalSmilingFrog9356 / Jun 02 2021 0.47

    It might help to try to talk to them about it. Ik it can be difficult sometimes to talk to people and be open, but it generally works. They might just be overprotective and worried about you, but if you explain to them that you are old enough to do things by yourself, they will hopefully understand. I'm 13, I used to not have much freedom but I spoke to my parents about it and it did help a little. :)

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    ActiveRunningDuck6015 / Aug 03 2021 1.53

    they arent letting you grow up and this is sad so answer the doot and say in sorry but i need more freedom im 16 years old for f**c*c sake i wish u the best 😀👍😀👌🤞😀🤞👌👍🤞👍

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    AdviceEagle89 / Aug 06 2021 14.32

    Hi, I'm 15 and i can relate deeply! answering the door, making decisons. remind your parents that freedom is the best thing and i'm not going to live here my whole life! Your 16! your old enough to have a kid!

    Hope everything goes well


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    AmazingWorkingDeer8786 / Aug 14 2021 21.30

    I know how u feel im 14and this happens ti me but my 12 yr old step bro can do what he wants and my dad leaves me out of everything they do they buy the other kids shoes or thimgs but not me


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