Tell us what makes you trust Childline and what you need from us too!

  1. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Mar 29 2021 12.50

    Hi everyone,

    It's always really important that we hear what you think to make real change possible for all young people and to keep being there for you all in the right way.

    We’d love to hear from as many of you as possible and would love to know what you think of Childline.

    - What would you like Childline to be doing for all children and young people in the UK over the next few years?

    - And what makes you trust us?

    Please share with us anything you’d like us to know.  And ask any questions too!

    Take care,


  2. Lion
    BennyWithAWhy / Mar 29 2021 14.05

    I trust Childline because I know they won't tell anyone and they make this very clear, and if they do tell someone I know it's so keep us safe and Childline wants what is best for us :D

  3. Top dog
    GoldenRetrieverPuppy / Mar 29 2021 20.58

    I trust Childline because I had an assembly at my primary school about it, and there are posters around my current school about it too. School wouldn't be promoting a service that wasn't trustworthy.

  4. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Mar 30 2021 21.43

    <div>Hi,I think that I find I can trust Childline because it is confidential and you can speak about things people like school wouldn't keep confidential. I find that I can trust Childline well because they trust and believe me when a lot of people don't becase after all, I'm only a child. I know that some people may not find it as easy speaking to different counsellors each time and I thought I would be one of those people too but I find it helpful as different counsellors have different approaches and different advice and it may make you think about something in a different way.</div>

  5. Flower
    GrowingPositiveThoughts / Mar 30 2021 21.50

    <div>I wish that more young people realised the difference childline can make. I know that at school, the mention of wellbeing and welfare such as ways to get support like childline and everyone laughs it off, dismisses it,I guess in a way like it is shameful to need help and childish, for younger children. Perhaps Childline could help with tis stigma?</div><div><br></div><div>I am so so grateful for childline, thank you to evryone here, from the counsellors and those working behind the scenes to the other young people who make up the Childline community. You have all had a massive impact onmy life.</div>

  6. Graduate
    TheCastleOfCamelot / Mar 31 2021 10.27

    -I trust childline because they listen and if I have done something wrong they point it put gently, its not like “You’re terrible, its all your fault” I also know that what goes between me and ChildLine stays between me and Childline. Unless it is serious

    -I think there needs to be more assemblys, at the moment, if someone sees you using childline then its

    “Oh my gosh! Theyre using childline!!!” (Cue: go tell the teacher)

    Theres to much stigma around using it, which us wrong because it diesn’t have to be something really serious.

    I also think maybe that there should be more tips on how to tell a rrusted adult and how to deal with it if someone finds out something personal that you didn’t want them to know.

    Overall, I am so so so thankful to childlien;thank you so much

  7. Nose dive
    runrunrun / Mar 31 2021 17.33

    I trust Childline because it's anonymous. Things I say on here I wouldn't want anyone who knows me in real life to know cos to be totally honest, I know I shouldn't but I'm embarrassed about the stuff I'm going through. I think that it should be harder to leave a Childline chat because I know some people need to leave quickly but I think if you accidentally press back or refresh, it should give you a warning. This would only take a second but it's so disheartening when you accidentally leave an important chat. Also, I want to ask a question. Why does it ask you if you're male, female, other or prefere not to say when you join Childline? Does it actually make a difference as to the service you get? Does your counsellor get to see it? I'm just a bit confused. And a big big big thank you for everything Childline's done for me. They have helped me so much.

  8. Spiralling
    TheEntitySystem / Apr 08 2021 23.55

    Could there be a sensory thing? I'm suspected to have autism and/or ADHD and

    1) When I'm waiting for chats the games get pretty boring really quickly and I've heard that other people have this as well.

    2) If I'm feeling worried, it helps to calm down if i have something to spin or pop or shake and it could help other people too.

  9. Fixer
    Temporary94421894 / Apr 21 2021 17.47


  10. Childline Avatar
    Foodie281 / Apr 21 2021 22.09

    I trust childline because I can rant and the person on the other end won’t feel worse afterwards and noones going to judge me

  11. Reaching out
    Jas-Host / Apr 25 2021 13.48

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you all or taking the time to reply! It's always so very important to hear what you think of all parts of Childline and how you'd like the boards and website to develop too as well as what makes you trust us - that's something we value so much and want to continue to be such a place for you to be able to talk in different ways about anything.

    To answer some questions, it makes no difference as to how a young person identifies and what box they tick when they sign up for an account. The counsellor can see that information on your account but it's about everyone being supported and listened to, no matter what.

    And a sensory part is something we've also been talking about! We've been looking at our Calm zone and  Coping kit and seeing what activities we can keep adding as well as what can be used on different parts of the site and what else can be developed! We'd love to keep hearing such ideas!

    Take care,



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