1. Childline Avatar
    Finn-The-Bee / Mar 03 2021 13.58

    Hello Everyone! My name is Finn, but I also go by Bee. I'm 13 years old, and I go by They/Them pronouns which makes me Non-Binary. My interests consist of Minecraft, Music, Manga & Anime! I'm not sure if this is allowed so sorry- but I'm always open to making new friends!

  2. Prisoner
    Kai-found-a-name / Mar 04 2021 7.25


    I'm Kai, non-binary and I love music and Minecraft. Do you play on pc? I'm really excited for the new update!

    I love making online friends, find it so much harder in real life.



  3. Fixer
    ScientificAnomaly / Mar 04 2021 10.31

    hey, finn!

    i am jay/Lysander (he/she/it/they/xey)

    im 13 and i am intrested in sci-fi stuff and i love acting writing and drawing even if im not that good at any of them.

    are you a dream smp fan? i really like wilbur soot.


  4. Childline Avatar
    ProudHopingFalcon7377 / Sep 26 2021 20.40

    hi im elijah or sophie. i go by both because of the way i look sometimes i can appear boy looking other times i can look like a girl. i dont mind any pronouns. i love playing five nights at freddys my favourite one has to be fnaf 3. i also like playing roblox.

  5. Coolcat
    ShinyTextingCat3530 / Sep 27 2021 17.07


    I'm Jessy (or Jessi/Jesse because I can't be bothered to choose a spelling)

    I usually use they/them but sometimes I change it up lol (genderfluid struggles T-T)

    I mainly decided to say hi cus i also like Minecraft, music, manga and anime! Ik it sounds fake but I'm honestly surprised that you like all the same stuff!

    What's your favourite anime by the way? I need some more to watch lol

    Anyway byee!

  6. Contemplator
    Enderman5432 / Oct 02 2021 7.35

    Hi im ryan ( he/they/she/xe) i also have the same interests as you :) would there be any anime or manga recommentions? (sorry my spellings bad)


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