Lockdown and ADHD

  1. Prisoner
    Riversong7 / Mar 02 2021 0.25

    I'm Drew, I'm 13 and I (probably) have ADHD. Over the past few years, I feel like my ADHD symptoms have intensified, making it really hard for me to function, but over Christmas, I had a talk with my mum about it, it went okay and now I'm probably going to get tested for ADHD after lockdown, which is great. But lockdown has been super hard for me. I don't get on with my family, which makes it hard. This is partially because they never understand my symptoms. I guess they think it's okay for me to zone out sometimes, but whenever I have a shutdown or lose my temper or am unable to do any schoolwork, they think it's my fault. And there were so many signs of ADHD in my childhood, but no one cared because I'm AFAB and I got good grades. Even now when I can barely function and the effects of that are very obvious, they still don't think I have ADHD. And lockdown is also super hard because of online learning. Online lessons make school hard for everyone, but school was already a nightmare for me so online lessons make it practically impossible - I can't focus on anything, there are so many more distractions and reasons not to do my work, it's easier to skip lessons I hate. So I hate lockdown. Also, I can't get diagnosed until lockdown is over. I find this a little ironic, because if there's one time an ADHD diagnosis is useful, it's lockdown. And this means there's more time for my mum to """"""forget"""""" about my ADHD assessment. She doesn't think I have it, and I don't think she wants me to get tested, so even after lockdown, she might just not mention it, and I would be way too scared to bring it up. So lockdown sucks, I'm terrified because I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to function, and I hate that I have to wait until lockdown is over to get assessed.

  2. Childline Avatar
    dazzy1357 / Mar 02 2021 9.37

    We're like the same person aha. Im 13 and have multiple symptoms of ADHD/ADD but I have no idea how to talk to my mum as she will judge me and blame it on my phone. Im really worried about going back to school next week because I can't focus on work for more than 10 minuets without getting distracted and having to break.


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