My mum with MS

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    Kittykatkitc / Feb 28 2021 22.05


    my name is caitlin and im 10. When i was a couple weeks old my mum got diagnosed with MS i dont really know much about it but i do know it never gets better.Because she got MS i couldnt live with her ( i think they went to court of somthing but i dont know too much). Before my parents went and saw i couldnt live with her my mum wouldnt do much cause of her depression.When i was in nursey my mum would vist me a couple of days per week.When i got to about 5 she would only see me on a saturday or sunday.I dont even know if i ever had one christmas with her.Also my half sister was born and i didnt even know untill i was 8.The first time i saw her was when i was 9 and it was one of the best moments in my life.Whenever i left she got upset and she would say byeee untill she couldnt see me or when i was at the end of the street.With covid i cant see my mum cause she is vunrable.How can i know if im starting to get depressed? please tell me

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    Kittykatkitc / Feb 09 2022 23.32

    i am now 11 lol

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    MistyCookingBadger2620 / Apr 27 2022 7.33

    You could call her over the phone.


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