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  1. Childline Avatar
    SuperStresed / Feb 25 2021 7.56

    first of all im a girl at age of 12 and there is a few things i need clarified to help me understand trans and non binary . First of all can someone elplain what trans and non binary is ? (i know a it but not much). Also if you have surgerys and stuff like that to get you from a female to a male, oh haha this is a weird question : would you be able to be topless out and about (like the beach ect) or is that illegal as i dont really know what the sugery's does and ye i just need help understanding cause i really wanna support everyone no matter who they are <3

  2. Childline Avatar
    helbram / Feb 25 2021 13.27

    Hi. trans is when are born in the wrong body Eg: a girl mind in a boys body or the other way around Nonbinary is when you were born in the wrong body but you're neither girl nor boy. About the shirtless thing yes if you had surgery

  3. Loser
    calmdownkirby / Jan 12 2022 0.00

    It's honestly difficult when no one believes you when you say you're non binary and its really stressful because it'll make you overthink and make you incredibly sick like i am. Because my own family is homophobic i do get harassed and get called "she" all the time i try to ignore it but it's so painfully to ignore i just want to lock myself in my room. Getting mis gendered can really effect peoples life .I get misgendered everyday and because of that ive stopped eating trying to hind my chest as much as i cant im trying to look as masculine as i can but all i get is a "you are a girl , a lady now act like one" This is really affecting me and i don't know how much longer im going on for ..


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