Back to school after lockdown 3 anxieties😬

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    -thegardener / Feb 24 2021 15.22

    I hope this is the right place I just wanted to share this and see if others are feeling the same/have some advice.

    Hello there,

    I am really anxious about going back to school. I really struggle to think about how i can go back to doing school again. It’s just too much. I already get help from the SEND department at school, although i don’t know why (i don’t have a diagnosis but i think they think i have autism but i really don’t know) They will probably give me some support but i just don‘t know how I can do it- they can give me support but how is that going to change how i am. This is made extremely hard as it seems as if everyone wants to go back to school, when i don‘t. They are talking about pupils having to wear masks at school which i think is fair enough but it’s just so, so much easier to do school at home. I also don‘t want to go to school as there are still more cases of covid than in the first wave- i dont want to go to school if it kills someone. I am so worried about returning to school- it’s just all too much to face it again. I have told my mum but i’m still dreading it.

    Thank you so much for you taking to read this, even if you don’t reply.


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    GoldenRetrieverPuppy / Feb 24 2021 20.08


    I'm in a very similar situation to you. I'm being tested for autism in school. I emailed them, to start the process. Maybe you could try that? It helped me.

    I'm worried about going back to school, too.


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