I’m suicidal and my mum doesn’t accept my sexuality

  1. Childline Avatar
    Temporary97530763 / Feb 12 2021 22.11

    my mother is very resistent towards the fact that im trans she is emotionally and physically abuses i can out yo her as trans and all she did was shout at me and i dont want to live a life were im. in the wrong body and then after that my best friend left me she was the best thing that happened to me and now i dont have her im just upset and my whole family is abusive .

  2. Comic
    QueenLia / Feb 13 2021 15.15

    Oh dont worry. You do you. Youll get through.😁😁🤗🤗

  3. Butterfly
    Relaxation / Jan 19 2022 22.50

    im sorry, that sounds horrible. i guess try not to start arguments with your parents, thats one of the things that trigger mine. if they shout at you again, get a blanket and a warm drink or something and watch a disney movie, that akways helps me. im sure you’ll get through this, they will accept you, it will just take time. everything is going to be okay. im proud of you for everything you’ve done and got through so far. good luck <333


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