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    foxpheonix / Feb 12 2021 11.36

    hi i have a recipe that you can make and its healthy and delicious! you can add oats with a bit of milk too if you want, but i haven't tried that yet. your welcome to experiment with this recipie and add things i don't care. please tell me if you liked it down below

    1 mashed banana

    a little bit of cinnamon

    a few drops vanilla extract or half a teaspoon vanilla paste

    tablespoon Greek yogurt

    a generous amount of frozen blueberries (or normal but frozen is nicer)

    a pinch of ground ginger (optional)

    serves 1. recommended to make in a mug or bowl

    you can try adding:


    crushed nuts

    peanut butter

    this is a great recipe and i ate it just now. mm. i hope you like it! I've underlined anything that you might be allergic to but i trust you wont add it if your allergic but just in case. anything in bold is the ingredients so you can look at it at a glance. Enjoy!

  2. Bursting
    Rggirl / Apr 21 2021 21.46

    That sounds really nice but i only have about half the ingredients but when i have all of them i will make it


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