This is a food I make- called Pasta Aglio e Olio

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    TurtlesAreInterestingNgl / Feb 10 2021 13.22

    I warn you the name is a tongue twister 'Aglio e Olio' I call it Pasta with Garlic and Parsley.

    Okay, Mah dear fellow readers, welcome to my friendly recipe of 'insert tongue twister'. I shall tell you the ingredients and the method of Sir Sage.


    Flat leaf Parsley (Not optional, and I can tell you Tesco bought is good)

    Garlic Cloves (Not optional)

    Garlic powder (I dunno)

    Olive oil ( You dont want dry pasta do you-)

    Any pasta: ( Likely use Linguini or something like that )

    Salt, Pepper, Pepper Cayan, Paprika. (Man I'm a chef :D)


    Firstly you wanna put the pasta in, boiling water around 100 degrees Celsius. Around 2 full kettles of water in a big pot :D

    Secondly, while the pasta is cooking/boiling, you wanna cut the Flat leaf Parsley into small bits, placing that on the side, cut the cloves of garlic into small squares and- Use the squish ( damn I dunno the name of it) the garlic kitchen thing.

    Thirdly, after 15 long minutes, take the pasta out and put it on a pan, with not hot oil since it splashes like hell, and burns. then add parsley, and the garlic and keep mixing so the pasta doesn't stick to the pan.

    Quadforly, (made that up you see :>). Add the salt, pepper, paprika, Pepper Cayan, and any other spices depending on yourself.

    Fifthly, plate up, pretty sure this serves up to 4 people, or 2- But use 250 grams of pasta for 2, then 500g for 4. 250 always serves 2.

    God, Hopefully this makes sense. OH mAH GaWd, I wanna be called Uncle Sage, like that rice thingy called Uncle Bens :o. When I''ll be old and grey I'll make a company called Uncle {Insert dead name or new name}. U-U

    -Sincerely Uncle Sage.

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    tyles17 / Mar 29 2021 20.58

    i thought aglio e olio was italian for "garlic and olive oil"?

    also: notes

    > please don't cook pasta for 15 minutes even if it is dried. overcooked pasta has released too much starch and is probably not the best. "al dente" (to the tooth) pasta has been cooked for 10 minutes if it's dried. since pasta is still cooking after you take it away from the hob, undercooking it by around 2 minutes is great as these 2 minutes lets the pasta cook so that it's soft and not overcooked. if you don't want to cook your pasta to al dente, cook it for 12 minutes.

    > i recommend red pepper flakes for seasoning. they're so good.

    > traditional italian seasoning includes basil, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, marjoram and sage (you!!). i recommend using this!!

    > i recommend making your own pasta, trust me it will taste so good!!


    dead name bad, chosen name good, best, iconic, fabulous, amazing, herbilicious, icon

    -tyler x


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