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    234tvd2345 / Feb 09 2021 17.43

    does enyone feel depressed cause of our teachers they do a topic and like we havent understood the other topics and like when you tell them they dont understand. like i hate this lockdown and my grades are gone down and i havent learnt one thing since march(when lockdown started) and i feel like im not gonna pass my gcse

  2. Prisoner
    YouCantPredictTheClouds / Mar 02 2021 10.12

    hi, i know im late but I how you see this. GCSEs aren't easy and they do suck (i know, ive done them) A-levels during lock down are pretty much the same as what you're describing. When I don't understand something and the teachers gone through it enough that it would be embarrassing to ask again, YouTube is my best friend. online revision recourses are fantastic too. there are websites where you can view other people's revision materials and it has saved my marks on so many occasions. i was so suprised by how much stuff there was for my subjects.

    i get that you feel like you haven't learnt anything and these last few months have been the same for me, but just remember that gcse is designed in a way that they don't want you to fail. also you're not the only one who feels this way so the grade boundries will reflect this. gcse isn't the end of everything, if you're not taking science/maths for Alevel, youll find that a lot of the content you learn isn't useful for future classes, just the skills you pick up. so even if you do do badly, that doesn't mean you'll flunk A levels too. all gcse gives you is transferrable skills like problem solving or essay structure.

    i hope things improve for you! 🙂

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    BouncyJumpingFrog7010 / Oct 02 2021 4.13

    feeling really overwhelmed, laughing at people to cope, is this ok?


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