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    H-rr-ett2793 / Feb 08 2021 22.26


    today you are doing amazing! you should be so proud of yourself and just to let you know, youre not alone in this! theres millions of people just like you.

    things to remember:

    ~ you dont have to be perfect

    ~ having a bad day is ok

    ~ small steps are also progress

    ~ asking for help is strength

    ~ people love and appreciate you

    ~ tomorrow is a new day

    ~ making mistakes is part of life

    ~ saying no is ok

    ~ not everyone has to like you

    ~ beauty and strength come from within

    ~ youre allowed to change your plans

    ~ you dont have to be happy all the time

    ~ showing emotions is healthy and ok!

    i hope this helped motivate you! thank you 🤍🤍

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    Cocoa7 / Feb 10 2021 21.29

    Thank you ❤️


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