Eating problems

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    KCJW10 / Feb 07 2021 2.12

    so my whole life i have been a picky eater but for a couple years i have been barely eating i just dont get humgry and sometimes dont eat for a day but i think im fat whole everyone calls me thin i know my wrists are but i feel like i am fat no to fat but still like i am fat and at other times like im to thin and dont have enough muscel its really confusing

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    heya1-9-8 / Mar 03 2021 18.25

    ok, so have u considered that u might be anorexic? anorexic people think that they are overweight and starve themselves so they can 'lose it', except there is nothing to lose, because in reality they are actually skinny

    ive struggled a bit with what your talking about, i was like, ok, im fat so i should stop eating, cause they say the fastest way to lose weight is too cut down calories, right? so i stopped eating and at first i was so hungry but then it just stopped after a bit

    i tried remembering everything i used to love eating, i remembered my favourite takeways,& i know this probably isnt the best method, but i made myself eat all of it, even though i really wasnt hungry. then i actually realised how good it tasted and now im ok again, i eat normally. Starving yourself is wAy worse than eating, so even if you really dont want to eat a lot, mabey try and increase your appetite slowly, and eat something a day and slowly build up? also, i told my gp, and they helped SO much, honestly, so definately try that

    check out the nhs website with anorexia/type anorexia into google & you'll get a ton of results,& how to treat it & to cure it

    but honestly, trust me, even though u feel like your fat, if lots of people say your too skinny(and im talking about even if its only a very small number) then they are telling the truth. i know u might feel like it, but your honestly not. if you google your average weight for your age and height and gender, and your way or even quite below it, then thats bad

    (bear in mind your weight can change depending on how much water you drink)

    u can talk to your gp about this, and they will get u help, and u can get treatment for it

    and u can have your life back, u can do everything u used to do and feel great about yourself :))




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