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    Rudolph16 / Feb 06 2021 12.42

    i need some advice on how people cope with an emotionally abusive family. my mum is the main person who does it to me by giving me little to no privcy with anything invalidating my emotions and feelings she always plays the victim and guilt trips me and she makes me doubt that these behaviours are even wrong because she tells me its :”normal”. my dad leaves the house for months on end cause he is struggling with mental health issues from his childhood he gives me the silent treatment and not my brother cause he sees my mum in me cause i look like her. my brother blackmails me and says that he is going to tell my parents about the research i have done on emotional abuse. and my sister who doesnt live in this house anymore tells my mum things i tell her specifically noy to tell my mum and that just makes my life worse in this house. my mum takes away my phone and my ipad (even tho i paid for my ipad) when i have done something “wrong” so that i have no contact with my friends and cause im in lockdown that just makes it worse. so i want to know what people do to cope in similar situations.

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    undyne-alphys / Feb 16 2021 9.02

    hi im in a surprisingly similar situation and please. what theyre doing is wrong on so many levels. talk to social services. please. itll be scary, but its what you need to do. i hope im not too late. good luck! and if all else fails, childline will help

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    Rudolph16 / Feb 18 2021 14.57

    i contacted my teacher about this and they got social serivices involed it hasnt helped me at all it has mad e me feel worse and that i have done something wrong.


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