Self Harm Relapse

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    Cheerios22 / Feb 04 2021 20.57

    Hey! I recently relpased and have relapsed a few times this year already. I quit at the beginning of lockdown, but now ive started again I dont know where to go. What should I do? I dont trust my family as im only 12 and they might think im an attention seeker.

  2. Childline Avatar
    mtvtb1 / Feb 04 2021 22.59


    always remember that relapse is a part of recovery and that you are so strong. it could be helpful to find some distractions you could use or to talk to somebody like a friend. even though you might not trust your family it could be a good idea to find a way to tell them and they could get you more support that you need. you can also always talk to childline about anything

    take care x


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