1. Artist
    froggo345 / Feb 04 2021 0.01

    Does anyone have any healthy recipes that are actually really nice because i can never find recipes where it’s completely healthy and tasty.

  2. Butterfly
    ElephantFriend / Feb 19 2021 10.42

    Hiya froggo345!

    I do have a few recipes that you could try but what kind of recipes are you looking for? Like do you want vegetarian ones or healthy meat ones? I could probably also give you a few Chinese/Malaysian meals if you want to try a more Asian cuisine (I'm half English and half Chinese/Malaysian - technically my ethnicity is half Chinese but my dad comes from Malaysia so it's confusing) but I'll have to ask my parents for the recipes.

    If you ever want nice recipes that are easy to find I'd suggest going on to BBC Good Food because they have a lot of tasty and healthy recipes there that you can try out and you can print them off easily if you want. They also have videos which help to explain what to do :)

    I hope you have a brilliant day!

    ~ ElephantFriend (EF for short)

  3. Wallflower
    AyoWolf / Apr 18 2021 2.52

    japanesse chicken katsu curry its delicious and not that unhealthy?


    tsp oil

    tsp butter

    half diced onion

    medium diced potato

    meduim diced carrot

    1 tbsp flour

    1. 1/2 tbsp curry powder

    1 tbsp paprika

    1 tsp garlic and onion powder

    1 cup of water

    1 1/4 chicken or beef stock

    1 tbsp sugar

    simmer for 5minutes on meduim to low heat


    add 1 cup flour 1 tbsp pakrika, onion & garlic powder to to a plate

    and same spices to 1 large egg

    and same to 1 cup bread crumbs

    dip the flatten chicken breast into flour egg then bread crumbs.

    shallow fry until gloden brown at meduim heat


    water, rice salt

    to rice cooker or pot for 25 minutes

    plate it all up and your done

    if you wanna be extra healthy use egg plant or tofu instead of chicken.

    happy cooking!


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