Humans from Earth

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    BookLeopard / Feb 02 2021 12.55

    Its been years since we watched that man step onto our home and plant a flag in it, as if he was claiming it. I would have gladly sent it back to his own home, but we're supposed to keep hidden.

    Okay, i didn't watch the two men. I wasn't even born when the Apollo 11 landed barely a few feet from my grandma's home. But it still angered me enough to want to send the pole and piece of fabric back to Earth.

    More people have come since, scattering their things all over it. Do they have no respect?

    Even now i can see a little robot not far from here. Its not as if they're clever at all. I could stand right in front of one and wave my arms and it wouldn't even notice me.

    Imagine if we were careless enough to land on Earth, and worse, act as if we owned it. What would be the reaction to that? They'd probably try to catch us and experiment on us. They wouldn't be able to, of course.

    "Have you seen Earth's news, recently?" someone says behind me.

    "No. Its not very interesting." I turn around to face Cyllene. "why?"

    "Humans are coming, soon. And not just any humans. Children," she says.


    "not really young. More like, teenagers."

    "By themselves?"

    "Three kids, one adult."

    Younger people have more luck in finding us, due to their open-mindedness and sharper senses.

    "Well, thats great," i say.

    "Yeah." The little robot from before passes us, not giving us a second glance.

    "how long?"

    "they're planning to lift off sometime today. A couple of Earth days, and then staying here for half an Earth day."

    That means they're coming and going before the sun reaches its highest point. Earth days are so short.

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    BookLeopard / Feb 02 2021 16.46

    There are exactly three families on the moon. It makes up our entire population. Me and my parents; Cyllene, her parents, grandfather and little brother Ersa; and Arche with his older brother Thyone and their parents.

    The humans have finally landed. We're watching them from the hologram inside the main building.

    They all look super excited.

    They peer at something on the floor. The hologram zooms in, and its a rock. One of them picks it up and passes it around, then they put it in a small pouch. They're stealing it, in other words.

    "what are they going to gain from that?" asks Cyllene, obviously as annoyed as i am.

    "They want to see how it works. They're exploring. You like exploring, dont you?" replies her mum.

    "Yeah, but i don't trespass," argues Cyllene. "Tell them to discover the secrets in their own world, first. They have loads left to uncover."

    "Do you want to come tell them that with me?" i say jokingly.

    They've brought robots again. I look over to the map on the wall to my left, which shows all the things from Earth, from the robots to the flags to the microplastics.

    "Well, your break is over, its time you get back to school now." My mum stands up.

    Cyllene, Arche and I groan. "But there's actual human children on the moon!"

    "Yes, well spotted."

    She wasn't going to give in. We go upstairs to our classroom. From here, we can see the rocket and the small figures in the distance.

    Cyllene tries to pass me a note, but my mum confiscates it. She uses her wrist band to snatch it away and recycle it into a clean sheet of paper, and then return it to Cyllene, all without turning around to look at us.

    She's the one who teaches us this sort of thing, so its no surprise she's an expert.

  3. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / Feb 02 2021 16.47

    Everyone on the moon except for Ersa has a wrist band, but you need skill to make it do what you want.

    Cyllene's dad teaches us about Earth, space and history, and Arche's mum teaches us the Boring Subjects Learnt on the Planet. That's what she calls it, anyway. When they aren't teaching us about it, they're working on what they teach us, except for Arche's parents, who grow the food.

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    BookLeopard / Feb 03 2021 23.57

    When we finish our lesson, we go downstairs but we're not allowed outside. We haven't got this advanced in my mum's lessons yet, but we know a much more simple version: The buildings we have are positioned to reflect the light in a way that only the inhabitants of the moon can see the buildings. Humans shouldn't be able to notice it, and the robots are even worse at sensing us, despite their different skills. However, the thing with robots is that they can be redirected without the people watching from Earth even noticing, but we can't do that with humans.

    Arche, Cyllene and I watch the humans for a while. Its basically the first time we've ever seen any youth other than ourselves, even though we don't really want them to be here. We sort of do.

    It might seem creepy, watching these four people, but they're the ones who came here uninvited.

    The four humans come closer, so close that we don't even use the hologram. They are literally right outside. I hear the three of us draw a breath as one. And I see the three of them stop as one.

    We can't hear or see them through their space suits, but they've seen something. I can tell that much.

    "Euporie, Cyllene, Arche, go into the emergency room now. Cyllene, take your brother with you."

    "But-" Cyllene starts, but her dad cuts her off.

    "right now!" We dont dare argue. We all leave and go straight to the cramped room underground. We can see whats going on with a hologram from our wrist bands, but its not as good as seeing it in real life.

    My heart is thudding. Im tingling with fear and excitement.

    "what're they going to do?" asks Arche over the noise of a wailing Ersa.

    No one responds. The adults are frantically moving around and trying to fix things, but how much can you do with such short notice? Or non-existent notice?

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    BookLeopard / Feb 04 2021 13.41

    We can see through the hologram that our parents are huddled together, talking in urgent whispers. Arche's brother Thyone is standing to the side, until his mum tells him something. He nods and a few seconds later the trapdoor to our room opens.

    "Stay here," Thyone says. "I don't know whats happening but apparently its really important for you all to stay here."

    "where else would we go?" asks Arche.

    "You m-m-igh-" his voice crackles as if hes talking to us through a faulty microphone, and then his form fizzles and he completely disappears. Ersa starts screaming again. My throat closes up and i can't breathe. He just disappeared? The hologram flickers and blinks out, and before i know it so does Ersa's voice and then Ersa, Cyllene and Arche. And suddenly im all alone. It seems like even my lungs have abandoned me.

  6. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / Feb 04 2021 19.35

    Is this supposed to happen? Is this what Thyone was talking about? I wait for a few seconds and my breath gradually comes back, then i climb up and out of the emergency room.

    Thyone told you to stay! I ignore the logical voice in my head and look around. Its an empty landscape. Im seeing what everyone on Earth has ever seen until the kids came.

    The building? Gone. Our homes? Gone. Our parents? Gone. I turn a full 360 degrees and it takes a while to realise that the trapdoor at my feet has also disappeared. There's nothing but me and the four humans, who are all watching me. I stand frozen, terrified. Will my wrist band even work? I'm alive and breathing, so it must do. I conjure up a hologram and thankfully it does work. I turn my wrist and the band swallows it up, then makes a force field around me. My foot moves back without my permission.

    They're coming towards me. They're going to get me. They're going to get me! I run in the opposite direction. The low gravity on the moon will hopefully prevent them from catching up.

    I stop, breathing heavily. Blood is rushing in my ears. I make a hologram and find the humans, but they're not chasing after me. They're going back to their rocket. Are they going home? I doubt it.

  7. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / Feb 09 2021 23.45

    I return to the place the main building should be. It looks like we were never here. At that moment, something catches my eye. I whip around but there's nothing there. Just the rocky, seemingly untouched ground.

    I stay as still as possible, on high alert. There is something there. I can only see the outline, and every time i get close to focusing on it, i blink and lose it.

    Concentrate, Euporie! I gasp and jump back. It sounds like Cyllene, but as if she's yelling at me from far, far away, and talking right inside my head at the same time. It'll get easier. Just concentrate on looking at me.

    "Cyllene? Is that you?"

    "yes." Its a lot clearer this time, but it still sounds both far away and too close. "Look at me."

    I squint and try as hard as i can, and finally my eyes focus. Her figure flickers between shadowy smoke and almost invisible, but i can see her. "where is everyone?"

    "Arche is with me," she replies, "And Thyone is looking after Ersa. The adults can't see us at all."

    "What happened?"

    "We don't know the full story, but Arche knows a little, apparently."

    Yeah. Thyone and I overheard something a few years ago. I try to locate Arche using his voice, but it's impossible.

    "Where are you?" i ask.

    Cyllene moves to the side, and it looks like she's floating. Kind of like the astronauts who come to the moon, but a lot more smoothly.

    Its easier to focus on Arche. He is also flickering between being dark, cloudy mist and highly transparent, but its enough.

    "so what's going on?"

    "They were arguing about something," Arche replies, sounding clearer by the second. "Whether to tell us or not. Something to do with a button and everything disappearing. Im guessing they were talking about this." I can only assume that he lifts his arms, gesturing around us. All i see is two-

  8. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / Feb 09 2021 23.46


    wisps of darkness rising on either side of him. "I was pretty young. Thyone might've understood more."

  9. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / May 17 2021 19.01

    "Lets go find him," says Cyllene, and Arche and I nod and follow her. She stops suddenly. "Hey, Euporie? You saw the humans go into their spaceship, right?"

    "Yeah," i reply.

    "So why are two of them there?" She points a little to our right, where two of the younger humans are walking our way. They're coming towards us. All our lives we knew they existed, and we're afraid that they're approaching, while before today they had no idea there was life on the moon, and they don't seem afraid in the slightest.

    "Uh, should we go back?" i ask.

    "Back? Why?" Cyllene asks, and i realise it isn't a matter of us being afraid, its only me who's scared.

    "Never mind," i say quickly, with a little shudder.

    The two kids stop a few feet away.

    "Hello," says Cyllene. "Where are your companions?"

  10. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / May 23 2021 11.15

    We don't know," says Katarina. You don't know?" asks Cyllene. "How can you not know? Katarina crossed her arms. "We don't know where they are, okay?" She was almost glaring at Cyllene.

  11. Spiralling
    BookLeopard / Jun 01 2021 17.32

    (Sorry, ignore my last post)

    They're both wearing astronaut helmets, so even if they are talking we can't hear them. Cyllene, who I can see clearer by the second, takes a spare wristband from her pocket. We all have to carry a spare, in case ours stops working.

    "They deliver oxygen straight to your body, so you don't need the helmets" she says, as she holds it out.

    Arche offers his spare, and to my surprise, the two kids strap the wristbands on and take off their helmets. Theres a girl with shoulder length wavy hair and dark eyes, and a boy whos eyes are a shade lighter but is clearly related to the girl.

    "You must be Katarina and Carl" Cyllene says, offering her hand for the girl to shake.

    "How do you know our names?" Katarina asks suspiciously, ignoring Cyllenes hand.

    "You're all over Earth news, sorry."

    Cyllene smiles nervously while slowly dropping her hand.

    "You watch Earth news?"

    "Read, yes."Wow" says Carl, "even I don't read the news." His sister gives him a look and he rolls his eyes. Cyllene clears her throat, clearly uncomfortable.

    "Well, I'm Cyllene, and this is Arche and Euporie."

    "Aren't those Jupiters moons?" asks Carl, interested.

    I decide I might as well try to engage in the conversation. "looks on Cyllene and Arche's faces.

    "So," Cyllene says. "Where are the two people you were with?"

    "We don't know." Says Katarina.

    "How can you not-" I begin, but I'm cut off by Katarina's glare. I'm failing so miserably at joining in the conversation I might as well not try. I feel myself turn red as I shift slightly back.

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