Am I a young Carer?

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    Scottishgirlwelsh / Jan 28 2021 0.17

    hey im Eve and im 16 ,

    so i think i may be a young carers, my dad has MS + depression but he can still walk and work for now at least. Anyway, ngl hes the least of my worries. My mother has a long history of metal health problems including depression and bipolar and some other things that i can't remember so this means that i sometimes have to do things to take the stress off her link cook tea especially when my dads MS flares up. cause of her mh she doesn't work so my dad is the sole income and lost then struggled to get a job when i was 6-8.

    this has made me supper paranoid about money so i save everything from my work just incase my dad can't work so we at least have the money ive saved which will help for a bit.

    With lockdown im super scared that mh mum will have to go into the hospital again as all her help and support is gone. Well that happened 3 years ago and ever since that point im basically a therapist and she throws all her problems onto me while i just sit there and it really stresses me out with the burden of it cause idk what to do with the info. ❤️

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    MagicalSunset7001 / Feb 22 2021 16.35

    Hi Eve,

    I know it's been a while since you wrote this but I thought I might as well reply. I'm a young carer for my brother - who has autism. I don't have to do much at all but that doesn't stop me from being one. You are a young carer. There are lots of places where you can get support - including anonymous support. It might be worth it if you have a look online.

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems with your financial situation. I'm paranoid like you - but I don't have a job yet so there's not much that I can do. Even though it might be really annoying at the moment, you saving money could actually be really positive. As long as you give yourself a treat from time to time, not spending your money is probably a great way to prepare for your future. Worst case scenario you have to use it to help your family out. Still, having that kind of skill will make you go far in life. But you still shouldn't push yourself too hard and make sure you spend some on yourself too!

    I've just spoken to a counsellor about my mum emotionally abusing me. It sounds like she's doing the same as your mum - though it might be a little different because she doesn't have a mental health condition. You should probably talk to someone tbh. It sounds like this could be emotional abuse. I think that there is stuff on the website about that. The counsellor said that someone can emotionally abuse someone else without even realising it. It's probably worth considering.

    Anyway, I hope you're ok . I'd be happy to chat if you want to.

    Ella xxx


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