parents in lockdown

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    paigey-pie / Jan 26 2021 20.57

    in i'm year 10, nearly 15 and my parents keep taking my phone and anything i can talk to my friends on away from me for weeks at a time and i don't know what to do because i feel so alone and i cut myself the other day and my mum saw and she just said i was stupid :/ i'm feeling more numb and depressed everyday and the school work is overwhelming me :(

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    TinyTurtle2008 / Jan 28 2021 12.07

    Maybe you could try emailing a teacher on what your parents are doing? Or if you have a laptop use that? My parents are doing the same thing and i hate it. I used to do self harm but i now realise that that is never a good road to go down. If you can't have your phone and you feel depressed then something that REALLY helped me was to go on runs/walks. (I was not at all sporty but i decided to give it a go.) It stopped me from feeling depressed and i felt more present with the world. It is really hard to get yourself out when you feel down but i promise once i went on a short walk once it started getting into a habit and i really thought that my walks were the only thing keeping me balanced. I hope this helps!!!


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