1. Childline Avatar
    theatre-nerd / Jan 24 2021 20.09

    hiya, going to type really quick so excuse any mistakes:

    about a year ago my boyfriend of a few months broke up with me because we didn‘t talk enough (seemed fair enough at the time). I took me a while to get over that but I had pretty much forgotten about it by lockdown.

    mid-lockdown my friend told me that she liked him. I decided I didn’t mind and I told her it was fine and nothing had to change. eventually they started dating and everything was fine.

    today she texted me and told me he broke up with her without properly explaining why. we had a really nice discussion but now I feel really angry.

    Their breakup not only made me angry on behalf of my friend but it reminded me of when he broke up with me. i am so mad at him and I’m trying to fight the urge to text him. everything‘s wrong. what do I do?

  2. Bookworm
    angelthequeen33 / Jan 25 2021 20.53

    if you text him and tell him what you feel of him it could change his mind.


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