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    landingonmars / Jan 24 2021 19.50


    I have been struggling for my mental health for years and I am currently in sixth form. Soon I will need to really buckle down and revise hard, get my personal statements ready, apply for uni, etc. But I really now am at the point where I don't think I will be able to get through everything without seeking help. It is a big step for me, as I saw my school counsellor until she betrayed my trust and I have been opposed to receiving help ever since. I am scared I will be misunderstood or undermined, and I think if it went wrong or I got betrayed again I might just give up on help forever. Have any of you ever had to see a GP about something? I don't want to tell my mum what is up unless I get a solid diagnosis in case she thinks I am overreacting or she overreacts herself. How do I go in there alone? Is it scary? How do I bring it up to my mum? I am lucky because I believe she will respect my privacy until I choose to tell her, which I am eternally grateful for. If I go to the GP with my issues, what will happen next? Sorry this is so long, but please if anyone can offer any advice please do. I hope other people in a similar situation find this thread and your advice can help them too.


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