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    duckiedoughnut / Jan 24 2021 0.47

    My boyfriend and I are long distance we live in different parts of the UK. He has a female bestfriend that lives a few miles away from him and they go to the same school. They have a really close bond which makes me uncomfortable. At first I wouldn't have minded that but, my boyfriend had told me that he was jealous of me having close friends so I stopped having them. When I told him how I felt about their bond he said he wouldn't be jealous if I had a a close friend and they wouldn't have known me for as long as he has known his bestfriend. That he wants me to have friends and he also says they're like brother and sister. He has a nickname for her that he uses all the time even infront of me but he doesn't use my nicknames when talking about me to others. I didn't mind so much when I found out about her at first, but then I got to know her and she is really mean towards me. From the start she has always been taking what I say and do the wrong way and trying to turn him against me. They talk together about our relationship problems and he says I cause arguments so he wont talk to me about how he feels he'll go to her. I demanded that he stop being her friend because not only am I uncomfortable with their bond she is horrible and trying to ruin our relationship. He apparently can't see it and will make every excuse to talk to her. And she has hacked into his social medias and every account he has to parole him and make sure he doesn't talk to me anymore. If I do she'll say horrible things to me through his account, delete the messages and block me. He'll come online later and ask what happened to the conversation. He has had to make secret accounts to talk to me on. They have matching profile pictures and they laugh together and have nice conversations its destroying me

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    GalaxyAstrx / Jan 26 2021 0.09

    Hi! So I understand this is difficult but I used to have a boy bestfriend but he got mad at me because I sat on a bench with another boy. He's now friends with the girl that made me super insecure and suicidal. Anyways, when I was friends with him, I didn't like him in that way but he did have a crush on me which he admitted to. I did get a little jealous when he had girlfriends but I still supported him and the other girls. She is most likely jealous but she does sound a little toxic. I think you should ignore her but I don't like how your boyfriend is controlling who your friends with, that does seem quite toxic. I think you should respect him and his girl bestfriend but if it makes you uncomfortable, confront him or break up with him. :)


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